Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

Member of society may be clinician and scientists, involved in clinical work & basic research, with an interest in this particular field of peripheral nerves.

Participants in the founding meeting shall be the FOUNDER MEMBERS of the society

There shall be honorary members, Founder Members, Life Members and associate members.

Admission & Qualification For Membership

Founder Members

Participants in the founding meeting shall be the FOUNDER MEMBERS of the society The privileges of founder members would be the same as full members.

Full Membership

Admission shall be restricted to those with major interest in the field of peripheral nerves, which will include Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, hand surgeons. Application for “Full Membership” shall be proposed and seconded by full members of good standing and the Executive Committee shall be the authority to admit them. The privileges of full member would be voting and contesting for posts of office bearers as per rule.

Associate Member

Associate Membership shall be open to those who have interest in the field of peripheral nerves: i) MBBS interested in hand surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, ii) M.S. (General surgery), and iii) Diploma holders in physiotherapy
Associate Members shall be proposed and seconded by full members of good standing. The Secretary, Indian Society of Peripheral nerve surgery (ISPNS) shall have the authority to admit Associate Members.
Associate members can take part in all the activities of the Society by presentation of papers at scientific meeting, participation in discussions etc. and shall have all the privilege of membership, except that they shall not have the right to vote or be office bearers of the Society.


Honorary Membership shall be restricted to senior distinguished persons who have significantly contributed to the management of peripheral nerve diseases with an international reputation. An Honorary Member shall be proposed and seconded by full members of good standing only. The executive Committee will be the admitting authority to this category of membership. The total number of honorary members at any given time will be limited to not more than 2 % of the total full membership of the Society. Honorary members shall have all the privilege of membership, except those of voting and serving as office bearers. They shall be exempted from payment of any subscription.

Member shall be accepted irrespective of sex, race, language, religion or political persuasion and the sole criterion for membership shall be academic level & scientific achievements of applicant

Only individual membership shall be accepted.

Request of membership shall be made in writing on application form. Membership will be approved by President / Secretary & the decision for membership will be informed to the applicant.

1- Subscription Of Membership

Membership will Be Of Three Kinds

• Associate membership

• Life membership

• Honorary Membership

Membership Fee Fixed For The Current Year -

• Associate membership

• Life membership

• Honorary Membership

The membership fee may be changed from time to time as per the decision of the executive committee.

The executive committee shall propose all dues for different categories of members. These decisions will be implemented with the concurrence of the general body.

Membership shall be counted from 1st January to 31st December of a calendar year for annual subscriptions.

Members who have not paid their subscription by 31st December shall be sent a registered acknowledgement (due notice) by the Treasurer of the Society giving time till 31st March to clear all outstanding dues.

Non-payment of dues by 31st March would result in removal of the member’s name from the rolls.

Only members, who have paid their dues by 31st March, would be eligible to vote in that calendar year.

Members whose names have been erased from the rolls of the Society may be re-admitted only after receiving the prescribed application from and admission fee

2- Appeal & re-admission of membership

Membership will be terminated-

• By failure to pay annual fees in annual member

• After death of the member as membership cannot be transferred

• For any member (Life / Associate) by notice of resignation by executive committee (2/3 majority). Member concerned shall have right of appeal against the decision before general assembly

3- Right & Privilege of membership

All members will have information and permission to attend the scientific meetings, conference, workshops

All the members will receive the circular / news bulletin / journal which will be printed by the society

The members will be registered for the conferences / symposiums / workshops held under the banner of the society at a concessional rate

Any member can request for the inclusion of an item of agenda of the general assembly