Dr. Rohit Bansal

One month of fellowship at AIIMS was a great learning experience. During this period we got to attend out patient clinics and examine all types of brachial plexus injury cases, and learnt about their work up and management. Dr Sumit Sinha is a great teacher and a wonderful person. He arranged regular academic programmes and discussions and taught us various brachial plexus exposure techniques during our regular Cadaver dissection sessions and plexus surgeries in the OT. I wish to thank ISPNS and AIIMS for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to learn brachial plexus surgery and specially thank Dr Sumit Sinha and his entire team at Cadaver Training and Research Facility at JPNA Trauma centre,AIIMS, for their encouragement and support.

Dr Mehdi Khani

Dear Dr Sumit, Thank you very much for this month of prosperous learning and understanding of not only brachial plexus but also endoscopic surgery and transoral approach. It was very fruitful for me. very much for your great cooperation.

Dr Devi

Dear Sumit sir, it was one great month of academic feast for me ..learnt great deal about peripheral nerves and brachial plexus...this is nt the end of course for me ,hoping its a good beginning in to field of peripheral nerves....thank you so much for our pleasant stay in accommodation..thank you so much for including my name in the paper to be published ..very kind of you ... I ll sending the draft of second paper in a short time...kindly consider ...once I thank you and your dept for all the great month regards.